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The Homeless Bag Project started about 5 years ago as a way to make the homeless population in Butler feel like they were seen and cared about. I wanted to give back and make people feel like they weren't alone, even if just for a moment. I assembled backpacks and drawstring bags that had personal care items, snacks and cold weather gear in them and kept a few in my car. I would hand out bags to people in need and spend a few moments talking to them and getting their story. Bringing a moment of humanity to the person I was talking with made all the difference. I soon started passing out bags to homeless encampments and visiting with them as well. 

As the Project was talked about and shared, it grew into a community-wide effort. Last year, over 100 bags were made and distributed throughout Butler County. Local restaurants donated meal vouchers, local churches handed out bags at meals and Under Armor donated bags as well! Every year, the project keeps growing and the community keeps giving!

This year, the hope is to reach out not only to more churches and restaurants in the Butler area, but to also reach out to the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh. Everyone deserves food, warm clothes, dignity and above all, love. The Homeless Bag Project is a start to bringing that to the homeless population in the community.

The Homeless Bag Project is ran solely by volunteers and donations. An example of what is in a bag is;
hat, gloves, scarf, crackers, beef jerky, nuts,  chapstick, hand warmers, travel size toiletries, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, socks, travel size tissues and matches. Every bag is a little different due to donation availability, but that is a general idea what a bag holds. Sleeping mats, blankets, coats, sweatshirts and shoes (upon request) are also donations that are accepted.

Contact: ButlerHBP@gmail.com
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HBP is excited to partner with Butler SUCCEED as well! :)
SUCCEED is excited to partner with the Homeless Bag Project!